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    Exerro uppfinner och producerar produkter som löser de
    små irritationsmomenten i vardagen främst för tjejer.     

    Produkterna säljs i olika butiker runt om i landet.
    AK Design of Sweden är vårt varumärke som knyter samman våra produkter.

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Happy Birthday and Congrats! louis vuitton bag,how cute, and it definitely doesn't look 13 years old! louis vuitton purse,

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They are quite popular, but as mentioned before, the price deters many from buying it. I tend to see more speedys and neverfull than a Galliera. I just recently bought one in MC, because I love the style and how roomy it is. Why don't you get a charm? It adds a nice touch to it. The Tapage Bag Charm goes with everything louis vuitton replica


I love the Antheia for its detailing (and softness too), but did not like how the strap sits on me... So am waiting for the new Antheia in a new model. Till this new model comes out, its the Empreinte Artsy! lv bag

,You have a beautiful collection Coral3! louis vuitton handbags,

i think the trevi would be the better choice. i like how you can wear it 2 different ways. i agree, i like the damier pattern more than monogram b/c it's easier to maintain. i've seen the trevi and mono and don't like (no offense to anyone). the damier version looks so much better. louis vuitton handbags