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About us

My name is Anna-Karin Westling and I have invented and designed the products on this site. I was not born an inventor, you could say it ‘just happened’. The ideas for the products have come as I have run into some of those every day problems.
As I was asking around among my friends, aquaintances and in stores, they all seemed to have experienced the same things.
The only problem was that there neither were any good solutions nor any products out on the market. For me, there never was any hesitation. The instinct said: ‘just go for it’…

One conduce to why I did it was that I did not want to sit there as a 95-year-old in a home regretting that I never tried. All things taken in consideration I felt that we had enough on our feet to go ahead with the production of these products, products that many people now use and enjoy very much.

We started in 2007. The time was right to test our wings and put the products on the market. Today the products are sold in many cities and places in our country. I have learnt everything from scratch. Therefore, I would like to encourage everyone out there who has ideas to realize those ideas; it is easier than you might think. The most important thing is to want to go through with it.

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